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Loris and the Lion weave gentle tales of joy and loss; a patchwork of sonic delights built by (wo)man and machine to soothe the soul and feed the heart.

A duo from Liverpool, navigating life together accompanied by: fairytales; folktales; lifetales; a piano; a clarinet; a harmonium; a guitar; too many effects pedals; sometimes a tenor recorder; some spooky sounding homemade bells; many other instruments we haven’t discovered yet; a shared love of choral music; an insatiable appetite for tea; a general love of nature (especially trees when looked up at from beneath); Joni Mitchell (naturally); Kate Bush (a first love); love (a second one).

Calling to mind the sounds and spirit of  Joanna Newsom, Tori Amos and Jesca Hoop.

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Loris and the Lion

"The best art defines its own parameters by creating its own world where its very existence makes complete and total sense. Which leads us to the magical duo that is Loris and The Lion, who give us a musical invitation to enter their world with their debut EP Jorinde and Joringel. Six tracks of otherworldly and metaphysical perfection, a truly delicious set of songs, pure contemplative sonic majesty. Thank you for taking the time to perfectly craft these compositions. Truly astonishing."

Liverpool Noise

"Loris and the Lion convey  a haunting aura [...] with complex melodies and enchanting vocals from lead singer Georgia Harris, immersing whoever listens in an enveloping, chilling sound."

Bido Lito

"Absolutely gorgeous — ambitious, thoughtful, eerie, and well-constructed."

Two Story Melody

"There's both a starkness and delicate tone to the sound that makes for a superb juxtaposition."

Various Small Flames

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5th October 2021

Chloe Foy Tour Support // LEAF on Bold St.

23rd July 2021

Debut EP Release Show // QU A RR Y

23-25th May 2020

Liverpool Digital Music Festival // Live Stream

15th May 2020

Culture Unconfined Festival // Live Stream

9th April 2020

QuaranQueen Festival: Bitch Palace // Live Stream

1st November 2019

Maison Johnny // Leaf on Bold St.

13th October 2019

Fresh Blood Festival // Phase One

18th September 2019

Into the Woodlands // Parr St. Studio 2

7th September 2019

Party in the Paddock Festival // Northampton

7th August 2019

Headline Set // Handyman