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Rich Bond at Wise Tree Studios - © Marieke Macklon

Mixing & 

'I produced my debut single 'dar es salaam' with Rich at Wise Tree Studios. Here, I just had a beat that I wanted to play with and because Wise Tree has some great instruments and a super laid back atmosphere it was just really easy to feel inspired and run with ideas. This was really refreshing because in most of my studio experience I've always been on a very tight schedule to execute songs and rarely ever actually just worked with the melodies and sounds with someone so creative and invested. The result was a great song that has been featured on dozens of huge spotify playlists and always gets complimented on for having a really vibey production and atmosphere.' 

small dogs, artist, New York (US)


The tracking rooms at Wise Tree Studios offer a relaxed and inspiring space to create, without the pressure often present in commercial studios. This ensures that artists feel comfortable to share their best performances

Wise Tree Studios also has a variety of inspiring in-house instruments that are available for use by clients, from manufacturers such as Gretsch, Gibson, Nord and Roland. A diverse selection of microphones from the likes of Neumann, AKG, Shure and Beyerdynamic ensure sounds are captured at the highest quality through our 12 Audient mic preamps. A full gear list can be found here

Wise Tree Studios is set up to let your creativity flow and allows you to capture ideas quickly in the moment at the highest quality. This means you can focus on the music and not the gear.

A harmonium miked up with an Beyerdnamic M201 and Beyerdynamic MC930. Wise Tree Studios - © Marieke Macklon
Close up of a Nord Electro 5d 61 Keyboard - © Rich Bond

'Working with Rich at Wise Tree Studios is always hugely creative and productive. I've produced two tracks here with Rich. The first I intended to just re-record some vocals (as he has a great selection of mics), however Rich has such a unique ear for textures and atmospheres, we ended up trying some ideas, mixing some things differently and the songs grew far beyond what I could have ever imagined achieving with them. They're really my favourite tracks that I've ever made and I can't wait to release them. The feedback I've received on the mixing and production has been incredible as well.'

George Barnett, Songwriter, London (UK)


An impactful and engaging mix that has character and clarity is essential for presenting your song in its best light, and can transform a project recorded at home into a radio ready production. Having a pair of experienced and unbiased ears as another line of creative defence before your song reaches its audience is invaluable.


Standalone mixing services are also available at Wise Tree. Working from stems or multi-tracks, Rich can enhance any productions with a variety of services, from delivering full mixes, to vocal editing, audio repair and more using monitoring from Neumann, Avantone, AKG and Beyerdynamic in our acoustically optimised mixing space.

Close up of a Genelec 8010a studio monitor speaker - © Rich Bond
Rich Bond mixing at Wise Tree Studios - © Marieke Macklon



Rich Harris-Bond, the in house engineer and producer at Wise Tree Studios, has a wealth of experience producing bands and artists across a variety of styles. Through detailed pre-production that explores musical arrangement, lyrics, artistic influences, and aspirations, he works with the artist to enhance their music to ensure it reaches the listener in the most compelling and affecting form possible. Being so close to your artistic creations it is very easy as an artist to get bogged down in details or stuck in a creative rut, and having someone help navigate the creative process can be game-changing.


Working with Rich will enable you to realise the songs in your head in an exciting, enjoyable and time efficient way that simply wouldn't be possible on your own at home, whilst also giving you the opportunity to push your music further than you had ever imagined. 

"Rich [from Wise Tree Studios] was an absolute pleasure to work with. His skills as a musician and sound engineer really helped us get the end result we were looking for. Rich has a real passion for creating music, and he can provide both engineering expertise or more of a production role - whatever you need! As a band still trying to find our sound, Rich's input was just what we needed. Thanks Rich!"

Harry Moore, Gift Horse, Liverpool (UK)

A recording session at Wise Tree Studios with Jed Timms - © Marieke Macklon

"After meeting Rich at a concert which we both played, he presented me with the opportunity to work with him on one of my songs. At that point, I knew very little about the recording process but I feel that I have learnt a lot from Rich! It has been inspiring to work with him and see the process through which my song was transformed from a few chords and words written on paper, to incorporate it into my performances and finally into the beautiful track that Rich has produced. His approach to the whole process has served as a useful guide for me in my subsequent project; recording my first album. Beginning by discussing our musical influences and how we might translate them into the song was a visual and transparent way of projecting our ideas. Moreover it was an opportunity to learn about a number of groups and artists that I previously did not know! Rich was meticulous and professional throughout and, with his ability both as a producer and musician, was able to transform my vision into reality. I am absolutely delighted with the final result, and even more so to have gained a dear friend in the process. Thank you ever so much for everything Rich!"

Ruth Baillie, Songwriter, Liverpool (UK) /Buenos Aires (AR)


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