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Rich Bond sat in front of the mixing position at Wise Tree Studios - © Marieke Macklon



Rich Harris-Bond is a record producer, mix and sound engineer, composer and musician based in Liverpool, England. He runs Wise Tree Studios, a Liverpool based recording and mix studio.

Record producer Rich Bond adjusting amp settings with an artist at Wise Tree Studios


Rich is a sensitive and thoughtful producer with an approach that prioritises nurturing and guiding the artist throughout the recording-making process, empowering and challenging them to create the music they dream of making. Songs are examined from the ground up, with pre-production sessions that explore the arrangement, melodies, lyrics, instrumentation and more to ensure that the music is as arresting and engaging as possible before diving into the recording phase. Here, the focus is placed on capturing the best performances from the musicians, hunting for vibe and sonic experimentations.

Rich Bond in the mix position at Wise Tree Studios

Mix Engineer

Rich's mixing experience has seen him work across a number of style from folk to hip hop infused indie. He is passionate about delivering mixes with depth and impact. Recent clients include Josh Ritter, Jensyn, Hank Bee and Jed Timms.

Richard Bond performing with Loris and the Lion - © Diana Harris


clarinet || guitar
 bass || keyboards  vocals || harmonium

As an experienced multi-instrumentalist, Rich can bring a diverse skills set to your recording or live project, including instruments such as guitar, clarinet, bass, keyboards, vocals, harmonium and more.

Whilst accomplished across a number of styles, Rich excels at the creative use of instruments to produce textures that add depth and interest to productions. Whether processing clarinet through multiple effects pedals, using a violin bow on electric guitar, or contact miking unusual instruments, an excellent understanding of musical arrangement, genre and composition ensures every musical choice always serves the music.

Rich's experience as a recording engineer means he can offer studio quality remote session recording.


"I’ve been working with Rich for a number of years now, we play together in the composer collective We Are Children (We Make Sound) and I love his approach. Always so considered, thoughtful and professional. He brings so much more than I think of to every project. Beautiful playing, but great recording and technological ideas too, and then always that extra special magic of giving it time, artistry and care.

He definitely doesn’t live in a box, or at least not one that he’s not prepared to completely re-think in response to collaboration.

Having to move to online work recently because of Covid-19 he’s been quick and professional, and super considerate in this new landscape."

Audrey Riley, String Arranger (Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Muse, The Smashing Pumpkins), London, UK

"Rich is an incredibly sensitive, talented and accomplished musician. I have had the pleasure of writing and performing with him over a number of years. He always knows just the right sound or part to add to my songs to truly bring them to life. He is flexible, tactful and passionate about making great music"

Georgia Harris, professional musician, Liverpool, UK

Rich Bond recording Georgia Harris from Loris and the Lion on a piano - © Pete Ric


Composition for video

Rich is an accomplished composer and has written music for a variety of projects, including short films with the BBC, ICA London, and the Brain Injury Charity Same You.

Richard Bond mixing live sound using a Behringer X32 Compact © Diana Harris

live audio

Live Audio

Freelance sound engineer

Rich also works as a freelance and house live sound engineer. He is currently one of the house engineers at international touring live music venue Future Yard in Birkenhead, and also regularly freelances in venues around Liverpool and beyond. He is also available for hire as a freelance live audio engineer for both music and spoken word events, with experience working on a variety of projects from private functions and events, to outdoor festivals and spoken word. 

Need sound handling for a private event?

Take the stress out of your event by letting Rich handle all aspects of the sound, including assessing sound requirements, PA  and equipment, and controlling the sound desk on the day.

“Working with Rich is pretty much the best situation I could ask for. I’m able to confidently place all sound-related tasks in his hands knowing he’ll handle everything efficiently & make the bands feel super at home whilst he’s at it.”

Abby Meysenburg, Bed and Breakfast Promotions, Liverpool

We asked Rich to do the sound for our village's inaugural music festival, and he worked with us to establish the sound requirements for the event. We could have bitten off more than we could chew – we had 12 acts, on two stages, over a 10-hour period, and everything from an acoustic duo to a 10-piece soul band, with all sorts in between, but Rich was absolutely in his element despite being on his feet for 17 hours. He put all the performers at ease, and despite the challenges presented by extra musicians turning up with additional instruments last minute in a tight schedule, nothing was too much trouble. He's very tech-savvy and his ability to adjust the sound from the audience via iPad rather than being chained to a static mixing desk meant that sound for the event was truly optimised from the audience's perspective. Rich's pivotal role in the success of the event can't be under-estimated: anyone can hire the venue, pitch the marquees and book the bands, but you need someone like Rich to make it sound good"

Andy Harris, Musician, and Vice-Chair of the Little Houghton Parish Council

"Knowledgeable about equipment [and] hard working, polite, helpful and a really nice person."

Diana Elvers, The Mynx Soul Band

Close up of a Behringer X32 Compact Mixing Desk - © Rich Bond


Rich has access to a 4000W PA set up, consisting of the follow pieces of equipment:

  • a Behringer X32 Compact Digital mixing desk with Midas designed pre-amps. It is capable of handling up to 16 channel (32 with expansion preamps.)

  • 2x Behringer VP2520 2000W speakers with Dual 15" Woofers and 1.75" Titanium-Diaphragm Compression Driver for the front of house main speakers, powered by a Behringer EP4000 (4000W) power amp.

  • 3x Behringer VP1220F 800-Watt Floor Monitor with 12" Woofer and 1.75" Titanium Compression Driver powered by a Behringer EP1500 (1500W) power amp.

  • A mic locker of microphones from brands like Shure, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic and AKG, stands, cables, DI boxes and more.

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