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Wise Tree 


Wise Tree Studios is a haven for musicians in the city of Liverpool where records get made. A place to create sound away from the noise.

Wise Tree Studios is run by producer/engineer Rich Bond. Designed with the artist in mind, the space offers a unique recording experience in Liverpool. Unlike larger commercial recording studios that charge by the hour and are designed to attract and impress visiting engineers with large gear lists, Wise Tree Studios focuses on providing the best possible experience for the musician. We offer artists an inspiring, welcoming and stress free environment, where the songs are given the space to develop and grow away from the pressures of a ticking clock.


Matching a precise acoustically treated yet comfortable space, with select pieces of professional quality recording equipment and a mixture of vintage and high end instruments, it provides artists with the perfect balance of excellent sonics, and the headspace to perform at their best.

Wise Tree Studios in Liverpool offers a variety of services, including recording, production and mixing. Find out below about how we can help bring your next project to life.

Audient ID22 at Wise Tree Studios - © Rich Bond
Artwork for Venus Demilo's song Bones.
Wise Tree Studios Client: small dogs
Wise Tree Studios client Gift Horse: Black is the Colour Single Artwork
Ruth Elspeth - Love Song for No One Artwork
Orange Cab and Shure SM7B at Wise Tree Studios - © Rich Bond
Vintage bowl back mandolin at Wise Tree Studios - © Rich Bond
Gibson Les Paul Standard (2007) in Desert Burst at Wise Tree Studios - © Rich Bond
Musician Rich Bond playing with Loris and the Lion - © Charlie Park